Pictour is the brainchild of Paula Apro, a passionate photographer and entrepreneur from Maine. After years of searching for and hoping for self-guided photography tours and coming up empty, Paula thought it was time to develop a platform for photographers to share their inside secrets on the best places to shoot.

Paula runs a professional photography workshop business in Midcoast Maine and knows exactly what most workshop participants want. They just want to be taken to the “best places to shoot.” Yes, it’s a great bonus to have the pro at your side, but not everybody can afford a costly photography workshop.

After her first year leading photography workshops in Maine and getting an excellence response from attendees she had such mixed feelings. On one hand, she knew that she had what it takes to create a successful workshop/tour business. But, on the other hand, she knew that having a successful business would mean working during many of the precious and limited summer and fall weekends in Maine. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create a self-guided tour, do the work once, and then continue to make money while still enjoying all the weekends off? There had to be a way.

At this point, Pictour is still a dream in the making. It’s a one-man (or in this case, one-woman) show. There’s no big corporation with a big staff and a big budget. It’s just a passionate photographer with a vision to create something that the photography community will hopefully use and love.

The vision of Pictour is to give talented photographers an easy tool to create self-guided tours that they can sell online and make passive income with. And to offer a online marketplace of these self-guided photography tours for passionate traveling photographers to purchase and get the inside secrets on exactly where to shoot to get the great shots. Please be a part of vision and together we can make the dream a reality.