Self-Guided Photo Tours

For busy photograhers looking for great shots

Don’t waste your travel time looking for great photo opportunities. Pictour lets you skip the searching and get right to the shooting by giving you access to a worldwide directory of self-guided photography tours. The app is free to download and use. As we grow, more self-guided tours will be listed. We are currently recruiting talented photographers to create tours.

Make Extra Cash

For talented photographers who need extra income

Ready to earn some extra income? There are unique photographic opportunities in every city around the globe. Share your favorite spots by creating your own tours. Get in early and get listed. We will provide all the instructions on making your first tour. Then just sit back and collect your commissions. Sign up today for more information on pay structure.

Start exploring by searching for a self-guided photo tour.

Start exploring by searching for a self-guided photo tour.

Your home page stores tours near you, all purchased tours, and tours you’ve created.

Build and sell your own tours by taking photos with your phone.


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